Choose your high-tech internship or graduation assignment here

News | 7 May 2019

Technology students from HBO and university can choose from numerous internships and graduation assignments. Varying from an internship customer process improvement at Photonis and graduation internships in technical informatics and applied mathematics at YP Your Partner to a graduation assignment predictive maintenance at BD and a graduation research into the possibilities of a webshop high pressure technology at Resato International. 

This way you not only make your study more interesting in terms of content, you also get a good picture of attractive high-tech companies in the Northern Netherlands. Because you don't have to leave the north for an exciting career! 


We present all internships, graduation assignments, traineeships and internships on CareerUp† This online career platform for students helps us to fill our internship vacancies quickly and with good quality. 


During the HTCC you will get to know our beautiful high-tech companies in a short time. Moreover, there is a good chance that you will go home with an internship contract or graduation assignment. How easy do you want it to be? Would you like to know more or register directly? That's possible on the special HTCC webpage.