Delta Instruments part of PerkinElmer

News | February 10, 2016

"This acquisition offers us good opportunities for further growth," said Anne Gerben Terpstra of Delta Instruments.

High-tech company Delta Instruments has been taken over by the American company PerkinElmer. This American high-tech company is a global player in the field of health and safety for people in their living environment. With 7,700 employees, the company is active in 150 countries and works on innovative solutions to better protect the environment and our food and thus contribute to public health.

Delta Instruments is added to Perten Instruments to jointly develop innovative solutions for analyzing milk and milk derivatives. PerkinElmer expects this combination of companies to strengthen our solutions for the global food and food testing market. 

Customers of Delta Instruments can continue to count on the excellent quality of products and service that they have come to expect from Delta Instruments.