Farewell to ICD secretary Piet Fellinger

News | April 11, 2022

After ten years of being active at the ICD, Piet Fellinger, secretary of the ICD and director at Sparck Technologies, said goodbye. With his large network within the municipality and province, he is one of the founders of the ICD. Henk Smid, CEO of Variass and treasurer of the ICD, gave a speech in which he thanked Piet for his contribution and commitment. He also told a few anecdotes about the beautiful early years in which they were still pioneers. This led to the great collaboration that now exists between the Innovation Cluster and the 22 affiliated companies. Binne Visser, director of Site Manufacturing Engineering and chairman of the ICD, complimented Piet for his efforts and for bringing in the right contacts and companies to help the ICD grow. We will miss Piet's sober view and approach.

From the municipality, Alderman Smallingerland Robin Hartogh Heys van de Lier did the honors to thank Piet.

Piet may not yet fully get behind the geraniums and will remain actively involved, especially given his large network. Piet said that, after many trips abroad, he has become really attached to Terschelling. That is where he will probably spend the most time for the foreseeable future. The sea bass around the island have been warned!

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Henk Smid – Variass
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Councilor Smallingerland Robin Hartogh Heys van de Lier
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Binne Visser – Philips & Piet Fellinger