First student course 'ICD mechatronics' passed

News | June 27, 2018

From the hands of Fiona Schrage, professional skills teacher at the Institute of Engineering of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, the students receive their diploma during a festive gathering at Neopost Technologies in Drachten.

The growing demand for well-trained employees is increasing, while the supply of skilled workers is lagging behind. Also in technology. The national picture is that part-time education, especially among people with a full-time job, is becoming less and less popular. That is why, according to Schrage, education must become more flexible. “So that it can be fitted in with work, informal care, a family and a social life. A 40-hour work week is very normal, especially in technology. Do a study next to that!"

Unique course

This course is a unique example, because the course is based on the wishes of the companies and also takes into account the study load that working people can bear. “We have therefore not offered the students a standard track, but we have adapted the course to the needs of the companies and students. The result is a course with a maximum study load of 16 hours per week, so that students can study alongside work.” Neopost technologies in Drachten has made the location available where students have attended lectures and studied together for a year and a half.


,,Our company is becoming more and more innovative with new business and this course fits well with that,'' explains Selma Bakels from† She is 'quality technician' at Neopost Technologies in Drachten and one of the graduates. The HBO modules of the course are a welcome addition to her MBO training and work experience. Selma has a taste for studying. ,,After the summer I will continue my studies, part-time, at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Engineering. Then I try to get my bachelor's degree."


aDepending on the position, employees learn to analyse, design, realize, manage, manage, advise and professionalise. ,,And the great thing is that this happens both in the classroom and in practice'', says program manager Joost Krebbekx of Innovatiecluster Drachten. For example, the high-tech companies encourage their employees to develop themselves further in their profession. It is therefore not without reason that the modules that the technicians are offered are in line with their experience. ,, Together with the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, we have carefully selected some modules from the HBO bachelor program.'' The modules are Mathematics 1,2,3,4, Dutch, presentation, reporting, dynamics, electronics, electrical engineering, control engineering 1 and 2 , control technology, electrical energy technology, modeling and the mechatronics project. ,,The teaching program consists of half a day from 13.00 to 20.00 and per module 1 to 3 half-day lectures are given. After that, exams will take place.” The study load is 16 per week, for 19 months. ,,That is a lot of pushing next to your job, but we notice that the colleagues enjoy it and that is reflected in the result. All students passed."

In the media

Drachtster Courant, June 29, 2018: First students 'ICD-Mechatronics course' passed