FMI joins silently

News | 29 May 2017

,,We are doubly happy'', explains managing director of FMI Industrial Automation Henny van Doorne, if the signature is under the partner agreement with Innovatiecluster Drachten. Earlier this year, FMI acquired the Irmato group. Despite Irmato's membership of the business cluster, FMI had to go through the ballot again. And with success. "We are once again one of the successful companies that work together within Innovatiecluster Drachten."


FMI was founded in 1962 as a machine factory with the first production location in Bergen op Zoom. The company now has eight production locations, one of which is Drachten. The group also has its own engineering consultancy. The company operates in three divisions that focus on the manufacturing industry: high tech, industry and medical applications. They do this with more than 400 employees. FMI has clients that are at the forefront of 3D metal printing, robotics and visual intelligence. FMI devises and implements solutions for the German automotive industry, 3D printed orthopedic implants, precision instruments for the food industry and electro-chemical production systems for the production of razor blades.