Haptic feedback by measuring movements

News | December 1, 2021

Kwant Controls, one of the world's leading manufacturers of nautical control levers and vessel propulsion systems, has been using haptic feedback in their products for many years. During a knowledge session earlier this week, they shared knowledge on how to enable bi-directional interaction with the machine operator using haptic feedback technology. This includes functions such as force feedback, guidance and dynamic friction. Participants in this session included ICD partners Philips, ZiuZ, Sparck Technologies, FMI Improvia and Variass. 

The development of machines and production lines is becoming increasingly complex, so that the development time before a product is launched on the market, ergonomic complaints and costs can quickly mount up. Xsens/Movella, expert in 3D motion tracking systems for the gaming industry among others, explained how to reduce these costs. And more importantly, how to guarantee the health of the staff so they remain physically part of the Human Machine Interface. The operator wears work clothes containing sensors that analyse and record all movements. Based on this data, we know whether the machine is being used properly, whether the human interface is well developed, and whether the work situation is sufficiently ergonomic. We use this information to further improve the machine and the interface and to reduce absenteeism.