High Tech Career Competition: Who knows what he is talking about, scores points

News | 25 May 2019

Judging by the conversations between technology students and our companies, the second edition of the High Tech Career Competition (HTCC) passed. About 50 students, almost half of them foreign, 'shopped' on Saturday morning 25 May about the internship and graduation market of the Northern high-tech companies at Resato International in Assen. No lack of motivation. Some had to get up early to look for that beautiful graduation assignment.    

They know where to find the internship market, thanks to social media and the internship boards at school. And some know it from the first edition last year Philips in Drachten. Yde, an electrical engineering student at NHL-Stenden electrical engineering, finds the market a relief. ,,I know you from last time and from a high-tech safari and I think this is a great concept. At regular trade shows, secondments are insistently breathing down your neck. Here I talk directly to the companies themselves. I like that much better!"  


Jeroen, an electrical engineering student at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, is also enthusiastic. ,,There is little supply of embedded software online and here I can choose!'' Nevertheless, he sees many companies for the first time, including VDH Products from Roden. ,,They don't know us,'' says Jacco, software engineer at VDH Products, ,,so I have to do my best to explain that we are interesting''. That works, because Jeroen has his eye on a graduation assignment about low-cost Ethernet for industrial use. ,,I know the technique that is central here from a previous internship and it really appeals to me.'' According to Jacco, Jeroen has a good chance of winning the assignment. ,,It fits in well with his education and interests and importantly, he is enthusiastic. If someone is not motivated, you will see that in the end result.” 

dirty hands

Brenda, graduate at the HRM department at Neopost in Drachten, has a good first impression. ,,The offer of students corresponds well with what we are looking for. Compared to the last career day at NHL-Stenden, there are now many more software engineers. Exactly the technicians we are looking for.” Brenda and her colleagues not only pay attention to the knowledge, but also to the practical skills of the students. For example, whether they also tinker with technology in their spare time. "A technician is only real if he likes to get dirty hands." 

To score

At the stand of host Resato, there is plenty of attention, despite some very specialist vacancies. ,,I would have liked to see a little more business administration students,'' says Peter. He is a quality assurance manager, but he is certainly there for a reason. ,,From the conversations I learn what young people find interesting and why they get out of bed. That is valuable, because that way we can connect better with our future colleagues.” Rob, software engineer at FMI in Drachten. He pays particular attention to how much the student wants and what his drive is. "Whoever is up front and knows what he is talking about scores points."