ICD Learning Day

News | November 21, 2022

In November, Innovation Cluster Drachten hosted a Learning Day for employees of ICD companies. This day was dedicated to knowledge sharing in the field of technology, both during parallel sessions and a market. The programme consisted of three rounds of lectures on the topics of Smart Factories, Robotics and Additive Manufacturing.

As part of the Smart Factories topic, Philips and Variass highlighted the importance of IT infrastructure and administrator support in a smart factory. Robotics dealt with design and styling of gripper arms, Digital twinning, cobots and customer robots, explained by Philips and Beenen. The lectures on Additive manufacturing included a 3D-dimensional demonstration on the possibilities in 3D printing, showing printed parts made of glass, metal and electronics composites.

Astron, NLR and Stork gave a lecture on metal printing: from research to application in industry. Also, new options in 3D electronics from prototype to mass production were discussed during a lecture by Philips and Astron. In short, many interesting developments to keep an eye on.

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During the market, attendees could visit stalls of participating companies to hear more about project results and findings and how team members achieved this.

With a large turnout of over 100 employees from ICD companies and from the enthusiastic response we received, we can conclude that it was a successful event!

For an impression of the atmosphere, view the video and photos of the day:

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