"Innovatiecluster Drachten impressive collaboration"

News | 31 May 2016


Entrepreneurs and administrators visit high-tech company Whisper Power in Drachten


High Tech Safari for ING relations

The management and relations of ING Northern Netherlands find the cooperation of our companies within Innovatiecluster Drachten impressive. On Thursday 26 May, as part of the Dutch Technology Week 2016, they experienced a High Tech Safari at Whisper Power and Delta Instruments in Drachten.

District director ING North Netherlands Klaas Jan Hutten again reacted with surprise to the wonderful companies with which he became acquainted. ,,I am impressed with the cooperation within Innovatiecluster Drachten. A good example of 'strong together' and 'who can share can multiply'.'' He expressed the hope that more such initiatives will be launched in the region. "That is necessary to keep the North livable."   


A delegation of Northern entrepreneurs and directors heard the ING director speak at Philips Consumer Lifestyle in Drachten about the opportunities for the manufacturing industry in our region. According to him, the manufacturing industry increasingly earns its money from services. “Where twenty years ago almost two-thirds of (labour) income came from

production activities, this is expected to be slightly less than half by 2020.” Hutten sees that customers want unburdening and flexibility and sees opportunities for end manufacturers to offer the best service in addition to goods. "This unburdening and flexibility is valuable for many customers and strengthens the relationship between manufacturer and customer."

Big 5

After lunch, Martijn Favot, chief technology officer of Whisper Power, and Anne Gerben Terpstra, head of research and development at Delta Instruments, took the delegation on High Tech Safari. The participants were introduced to the Big 5 of high tech and saw with their own eyes how working together without competing leads to wonderful innovations and the best products.