,,Becoming a member of Innovatiecluster Drachten is no brainer''

News | January 22, 2018

With passionate employees you achieve what Stork has been doing for almost two centuries: continuous innovation. According to Visser, this is the only way to keep the Northern Netherlands attractive for technical personnel. "Once we run out of gas, we have to show that we have a wonderful and innovative 'manufacturing industry' as the engine for the northern economy."

Smart and passionate employees make the difference, according to Visser. “Especially if you as a region need knowledge workers, because we can use them well in the north. In this way we create a climate of international companies with people from all countries. That is our ambition!” Anyone who wants to lead the way with high-quality technology knows that you have to innovate together with others. For Visser, that has long ceased to be a question. “After all, the smartest people work outside our companies. That is why our cluster stimulates open innovation. Young people with a lot of knowledge go out into the wide world. We show that there are attractive companies in the north!"

no brainer

Sybren Reinsma, site manager of Stork Turbo Blading, recognizes Kor Visscher's story. ,,We can do a lot ourselves, but we realize all too well that we don't know everything. That is why we are excited to participate within Innovatiecluster Drachten. 3D printing, robotics and attracting the right employees are important themes for us. That is why we are happy to join the high-tech cluster, because becoming a member was a no brainer for us.”


A delighted alderman Maarten Offringa of the municipality of Sûdwest-Fryslân observes that Stork is the third company from his municipality to join the high-tech cluster. However, he wonders what an innovative company like Stork is still looking for in other innovative companies. ,,Collaboration of course, to get even better!'' Offringa praises the courage it takes to look outside your own company if you want to progress. “That is good for entrepreneurs. All too often you see that innovations remain within the company's own walls. But it is precisely by sharing your knowledge that you progress.”


Like the municipality of Smallingerland, his municipality stimulates innovation. However, Smallingerland has been doing this since the start of Innovatiecluster Drachten about 5 years ago. ,,In the meantime, 'our' cluster has grown into the 'pearl of the Northern Netherlands'. At least, if we are to believe a large Dutch bank'', says alderman Roel Haverkort. The area of the high-tech cluster is increasing. He is therefore happy that the 18th company is not from Smallingerland. “In our municipal partnership with Heerenveen, Sneek and Leeuwarden, we want to make it possible for companies to invest, because that means new jobs. So if we can keep great companies in the Northern Netherlands, I'll be happy to do that. Even if that means that the choice does not fall on Drachten, but on Sneek or Heerenveen!