Inspiring FSE Career Day

News | May 27, 2023

We can look back on our participation in the FSE Career Day on 23 May with great enthusiasm. This event took place at the University of Groningen (RUG) and offered students of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) the opportunity to discover more about career opportunities in the high-tech industry, and gain new insights on innovation in technology. During the FSE Career Day, students could meet people from various companies and organisations at the career fair.

ICD provided two inspiring and informative presentations that attracted many students. Jan Geralt of SRON Groningen spoke about the latest developments in space research, and Sytze de Graaf of NTS Norma shared his knowledge on precision technology.

Next, Joost Krebbekx, ICD programme manager on behalf of Philips, gave a fascinating presentation on Philips Drachten. He introduced the students to an overview of current innovative projects and talked about career prospects in a dynamic and technological environment.

Exploring the boundaries of the cosmos: SRON and the power of collaboration

Jan Geralt of SRON stressed the importance of space research and the role of telescopes in astronomy and Earth observation. In this context, cooperation between different international consortia in building telescopes and missions is very important.

The presentation focused on the two main reasons why we explore space. The first is astronomy, which uses telescopes to study distant galaxies and exoplanets. This raises questions such as: are we alone in the universe? And could we live on other planets? Second is Earth observation, in which telescopes are used to study global warming and the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

Image: SRON

Masterpiece in Microscopy: NTS leads the way in Precision Technology and Material Processing

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Photo: NTS Norma

NTS's presentation addressed the complexity of precision machining and material processing. Sytze de Graaf from NTS emphasised that it is essential to have the right machines and tools, and to position and fasten them correctly. Materials are not perfect and consist of compressed grains. Cutting tools must be adjusted with extreme precision to machine materials without damaging them. The process is delicate and requires experienced specialists who know which tools and materials to use and how they react to different machining processes. Even small changes in the chemical composition or machining process can have a big impact on the end product. Sytze also gave examples of projects where problems occurred and how they were analysed and solved. 

This was followed by a discussion on manufacturing magnetic lenses for electron microscopes, where precision and control of material properties are crucial. They then discussed the manufacturing of magnetic lenses for electron microscopes, where precision and control of material properties are crucial. NTS Norma focuses on the niche market of ultra-precise machining and provides specialised services. The presentation concluded with a brief explanation of the career and opportunities and personal development within the company, and an invitation to apply for a job.

Jan Geralt at the Vaate - SRON
Jan Geralt at de Vaate – SRON
Sytze de Graaf - NTS Group
Sytze de Graaf – NTS Group

Philips Drachten: Innovation for a Soft Beginning and a Smooth Future

Joost talked about the fascinating aspects of Philips and their pursuit of advances in the medical sector. Philips is known worldwide for its grooming products such as shavers for men, but nowadays it also produces products for mother and child.

Many students were interested in Philips' innovation story. Philips' products, such as men's grooming and mother & child care products, also include health aspects and are technically complex in terms of shape, materials and mass production. The company's sustainability focus is on climate action and biodiversity, and it has programmes on eco-efficiency and the circular economy. Philips' technical expert group supports factories worldwide and focuses on polymers, metalworking, physics, modelling and simulation. They use automated processes and robots to reduce production costs.

The students rated it a very interesting day and asked many questions. ICD is committed to driving technological progress and innovation. We look forward to future collaborations with high-tech companies and institutions, as well as events where we can inform students about opportunities within the ICD companies.

Phillips Oneblade
Philips OneBlade
Phillips Totler
Philips pacifiers Avent