Neopost wins innovation prize Logistica Award

News | October 19, 2015

Neopost received the prestigious Logistica Award on November 10, 2015 for the fully automatic packaging machine that packages products exactly to size. 

Jury chairman René de Koster of the Logistica Award is full of praise for Neopost, not only because of the machine but also because of the approach to the innovation process. “The machine has been field tested for a year and has been continuously improved, partly on the basis of feedback from the customer. This machine has all it takes to become a huge success in the e-commerce warehouses. There is no other machine that can do what the CVP-500 can do," said the professor of Erasmus University and chairman of the Logistica Foundation.

The Neopost machine scans the contours of the products to be packed and punches, folds and closes a perfectly fitting box without human intervention. This machine not only saves cardboard and filler material, but also reduces the volume of the box resulting in lower shipping costs. This machine was developed in collaboration with Docdata, the fulfillment specialist of In the DC in Waalwijk, more than one million shipments have now been packed with this machine.

About the Logistica Award
The Logistica Award is a prestigious prize (jury and audience award) for the most innovative solution in internal logistics, which is awarded during Logistica. The number of registrations for the Logistica Award 2015 was a good number this year at 12. The good quality of the entries and the great diversity of innovations are striking. It is an indicator of the innovative strength within the logistics field. The tenders ranged from innovative improvements to existing systems to concrete solutions with a high degree of direct applicability to logistical problems within the company's own business process. The entries were judged by an independent jury of experts on the basis of a number of evaluation criteria: application value, degree of innovation, economic importance, cost-effectiveness and creativity. The idea behind the entry must have a Dutch contribution.