Saxion winner Inventor's Competition 2016

News | June 9, 2016

Robert the robot, who can create a real work of art controlled by music via an app, won the fourth edition of the Inventor's Competition on Thursday in Schouwburg de Lawei in Drachten. Willem van den Bogaard, Bas Nijkamp, Daniel Sauret and Machteld Vermeer, students of Saxion, demonstrated live how their robot made a work of art. NHL students came in second and Windesheim's 1st team third.

Jury chairman Rob Castien, of high-tech company Resato from Assen, praised the design of the robot because everything was right. ,,The team has thought about the design of the robot and also combined various difficult techniques. In addition, the students also wondered: what is art actually and can a robot make art?''

Innovation Cluster Drachten

The 14 high-tech companies that together form Innovatiecluster Drachten organize this challenge for technology students together with the municipality of Smallingerland. According to Castien, the Inventor's Competition is a wonderful example of the unique collaboration of the high tech companies. “The level was very high this year. Not only because of the variety of the entries, but also mainly because of the creativity."


Under the leadership of Mayor Van Bekkum of Smallingerland, the robot artworks were auctioned. The total proceeds of 500 euros will go to the students themselves or to a charity that is determined in consultation with the buyer.