So many beautiful high tech companies in the North?

News | 23 Feb 2017

The TU Delft students reacted with surprise to our presence at the twentieth edition of their annual career event† A world opened up to them. At the invitation of consultancy Berenschot, Innovatiecluster Drachten presented its companies, internships and vacancies. "I didn't know that the cluster offers so many challenges and jobs to our students."

To captivate and bind students in mechatronics, electronics, data analysis, sustainable energy generation and technical management, the high-tech companies visit student job fairs. ,,We started in Delft, where we were able to speak with the students thanks to Berenschot'', says an enthusiastic Joost Krebbekx. He is program manager at Innovatiecluster Drachten on behalf of Berenschot. ,,And with success, because their diverse knowledge appears to be well applicable within our high companies.''

Power of collaboration

According to Krebbekx, the power of collaboration within the business cluster was convincingly demonstrated to the students during the fair. ,,Delta Instruments surprised the students with their infrared technique in the milk analysis. And YP Your Partner captivated the students with data analysis in the field of predictive maintenance of installations and energy reduction.” A producer of laboratories and known for the petri dishes BD, showed students of the Biochemical Engineering course their possibilities for innovative automated laboratory systems. Krebbekx: ,,Berenschot of course informed the students how they can develop further during various traineeships in, among others, the high-tech companies in the Northern Netherlands."

Star Wars

In addition to interesting stories about the opportunities for students in our companies, students could compete for a Star Wars robot BB8 Sphere in exchange for their contact information.

Are you a student and/or job seeker and do you want to know more about what Innovatiecluster Drachten can offer you? Wednesday 1 March we will be at the Twente Business Days of TU Twente and March 15 at the Recruitment Days of TU Eindhoven. We look forward to seeing you!