Sparck Technologies invests in growth with the acquisition of a Polish dealer

In the media | February 27, 2024

Drachten – Sparck Technologies, supplier of automatic packaging machines for custom boxes, has announced its local dealer in Poland, E.Pack Sp. z oo, taken over. The move follows a successful collaboration between the two companies since 2019 and strengthens Sparck's position in Eastern Europe. 

The experienced team of sales and service technicians from E.Pack Sp. After the acquisition, z oo was integrated within Sparck Technologies and thus has direct access to all resources of the head office in the Netherlands.

Kees Oosting, CEO of Sparck Technologies is very pleased with the acquisition. Oosting: “Over the past five years we have successfully collaborated with our official partner on the Polish market. This relationship has led to a growing number of e-commerce companies using our packaging systems, including leading brands such as X-kom, Media Expert-Terg and Completio. It is therefore a logical step to further strengthen our close bond.”

Richard Nijboer, Director of Sales & Services at Sparck Technologies adds: “This acquisition brings numerous benefits for both our existing and potential customers in Poland. They will have easier access to our products, upgrades and services which will result in faster implementation of our packaging technology in their business.”

Robert Kostera from Sparck Technologies Poland is also very enthusiastic about the acquisition: “This is a great step that fits perfectly with the growing Polish e-commerce market. The faster access to advanced packaging technology from Sparck will help Polish fulfillment companies properly address packaging challenges around capacity and labor.”

Cvp Impack In Action Sparck Technologies
Cvp Impack In Action Sparck Technologies

Standard Investment, the owner of Sparck Technologies, is also very pleased with this transaction and strongly believes in further growth in Poland and Eastern Europe. Standard Investment, with its extensive expertise in the field of acquisitions, has been closely involved in ensuring a smooth acquisition process.

Cvp Everest In Action Sparck Technologies
Cvp Everest In Action Sparck Technologies

The CVP Everest and CVP Impack are the two packaging lines of Sparck Technologies. Both systems scan the dimensions of each product in 3D and then cut a box to size from a strip of endless cardboard. This shipping box is automatically folded around the order, closed and made ready for shipping with a label. The CVP Impack can pack up to 500 orders per hour. The CVP Everest is more than twice as fast and handles 1,100 orders per hour.

Celebrating 100 years of engineering and innovation in 2024, Sparck Technologies is the leading developer for advanced automatic packaging machines for custom boxes. Specially developed for e-commerce, these packaging lines make it possible to quickly, efficiently and environmentally friendly fully custom-pack and ship orders of varying sizes. With employees in Europe and the United States, we have made it our mission to make sustainable packaging in e-commerce the standard worldwide.