Ype Brada from Philips CL becomes a part-time teacher at NHL

News | September 18, 2015

“With this step, a long-cherished wish has come true. I have wanted the idea of one day transferring my acquired knowledge to young technicians in training.” This is how Ype Brada characterizes his step towards a teaching position at the NHL. Ype will help HBO students in the field of mechanical engineering 1 day a week from his practical knowledge that he has gained during his long career at Philips. Ype is currently active in the Innovation Team Female Beauty of Philips Consumer Lifestyle. This team designs Ladyshaves, curling irons, hair dryers and many more well-known consumer products. This step underlines that the companies of the Innovation Cluster Drachten are very serious about strengthening ties with education in the region. The ICD therefore wishes Ype a lot of fun in his new role!