Astron is committed to more female talent in technology

In the media | January 16, 2024


We are proud to announce that our member ASTRON, the institute for radio astronomy, makes an inspiring contribution to diversity within technology. ASTRON recently emphasized in an article in the Volkskrant that the search for female scientists and technicians is a priority.

Jessica Dempsey, director of ASTRON, passionately expresses the institute's mission: “We refuse to believe that female talent in technology does not exist.” This powerful message underlines Astron's commitment to diversity and inclusion within its organization, with 26 percent of its workforce currently being female.

Striving for gender diversity is not just a matter of equality; it is also a business necessity. Diversity in teams leads to a broader range of perspectives and ideas, which is essential for innovation and problem solving in the rapidly evolving world of science and technology.

ASTRON is not alone in this mission. At ICD we also actively promote the participation of women in technology. In a series of inspiring videos under the title 'Women in technology', we share the success stories of female professionals who make a difference in their field. These videos showcase the stories of women who have found success in technical professions. Their stories underline that passion, dedication and craftsmanship are genderless and that talent comes in many forms.

We invite everyone to our videos to view and be inspired by these role models and the dynamic and innovative world of technology and science.

ASTRON's commitment to a balanced workforce is a reflection of our vision within the ICD, where we create an environment where talent can flourish, regardless of gender. Together, let's shape the future where diversity is not only encouraged, but celebrated as essential for progress and innovation.

Source: Volkskrant January 13, 2024