US buys three CVP-500 packing stations

News | 29 Nov 2016

The CVP-500 scans the dimensions of each order and cuts a box to the smallest size possible. The machine then folds this box around the order, seals it and finally labels the shipment. The system is completely flexible in terms of shape, dimensions and the number of products (single or multi) to be shipped in one box.


An important reason for choosing the CVP -500 has been the durability factor. Jeff Carter, Senior Vice President of Global Fulfillment, “In addition to our commitment to fully automate our fulfillment process, we are very impressed with the environmentally friendly benefits this system offers us. Our customers are active practitioners of outdoor sports and as a result we have a strong commitment to sustainable packaging and shipping. With the CVP-500 we save up to 20% on our packaging material and we eliminate unnecessary filler material”.


Marc Aandeweg, Head of Global Sales & Operations at Neopost Shipping: ,,We are extremely proud that our packaging solution can help realize its ambition to pack the majority of their orders faster, more reliably and sustainably. . In addition to cost savings, we also make an important contribution to customer satisfaction with the CVP-500. By eliminating oversized packages, customers receive a custom box without excess packaging material.”