Belgian ambassador visiting Philips Drachten

News | July 8, 2015

DRACHTEN - The Belgian ambassador Chris Hoornaert visited Philips Drachten on Monday 6 July, together with King's Commissioner John Jorritsma. They also visited the Innovation Cluster in Drachten.

At the department where they assemble the razors in Drachten, Binne Visser of Philips showed, among other things, one of the parts to the Belgian ambassador and the King's Commissioner.

The CdK wanted to introduce Mr Hoornaert to the innovative side of Fryslân. Philips makes and develops consumer-oriented products such as shavers, coffee machines and vacuum cleaners in Drachten. With 2000 employees, it is one of the company's largest locations. In Drachten, 600 Philips employees are specifically involved in product development.

Twelve companies and the province and municipality work together in the Innovatiecluster Drachten. Among other things, they exchange knowledge and experiences and work together to attract highly trained personnel. They also want to expand the cluster in the Northern Netherlands.

SOURCE: Gestational Courant