Large English order for WhisperPower

News | November 9, 2020

With eco-friendly power systems, WhisperPower supplies the English mobile health centers with power. The high-tech company from Drachten has won a large order worth 1 million euros for this. 

'We will not only make a success of this assignment, but also realize further growth in England'

Roel ter Heide, owner/director WhisperPower
Mobile health center of the UK National Health Service.
National Health Service mobile health center.

No fewer than 30 trailers, with which the National Health Service in England does breast cancer research, among other things, will receive the new WhisperPower Hybrid Technology. 'Where in the past large diesel generators had to run continuously, this system with solar panels generates the required electricity', explains Roel ter Heide. He is the owner and director of WhisperPower. According to him, hybrid technology is the necessary intermediate step towards a fossil-free world. That is why a small, quiet and ultra-efficient diesel generator forms the back-up within this system. 'For example, when the sun yield is insufficient, such as in winter and spring. Then the batteries are charged by the WhisperPower whisper sets. They meet the strict European standard for emissions.' The result is that this system not only reduces CO2 emissions by 75 percent. Operating costs have also been halved. 'And the best thing? Electricity is always guaranteed to be available for medical research,' says Ter Heide.


The system consists of a solar-lithium inverter with a capacity of 7 – 32 kVA. This is linked to a battery that, if the solar yield is insufficient, is charged by a very efficient small diesel generator. This generator works fossil fuel neutral and provides all kinds of 230 V or 3 x 380 V devices with power. A fast charger ensures that the low-voltage batteries (24 or 48 VDC) are recharged in no time. 'We have invested a lot of time and money in developing this hybrid technology. Especially the development of the high-power converters was very expensive. Just like the trouble-free operation of large lithium battery packs.' The results are impressive. WhisperPower can now offer the system in large volumes nationally and internationally. Besides England, Ter Heide mainly sees opportunities in Germany. 'The diesel engine is completely out of favor there.'

Service and growth

In the coming months, WhisperPower will be producing the systems in Drachten. As a result, the first copies can be shipped to England from April next year. Lynton Trailers, located in Hadfield, Glossop (UK), is building the new mobile health centers there. WhisperPower UK Ltd was established for service and support. This is a wholly owned subsidiary of WhisperPower BV, based in Sheffield. Ter Heide: 'From here we will not only make a success of this assignment, but also realize further growth in England'. 

About WhisperPower

WhisperPower is a specialist in the best, sustainable and most efficient electrical system solutions. For example for vessels, yachts, vehicles and houses. But also for objects without electrical connections and industry. By cleverly combining diesel power with power electronics and battery technology, the generators and electrical systems can do their work undisturbed, silently and vibration-free. And all this under the most difficult circumstances. The delivery program covers powers from 500 watts to 500 kW, so there is a solution for every application.