Business contact day at Windesheim

News | November 23, 2022

Business Contact Day Windesheim With Astron Yan Fanne

The annual business contact day took place at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences on 22 November. This year's theme was Meet your future. During this event, companies can get in touch with HBO-ICT students who are looking for an internship or graduation place from their exhibition stand.

Among those present were representatives of ICD and ASTRON, the Dutch Institute for Radio Astronomy, about which Yan and Fanna could elaborate. ASTRON particularly attracted students from Software Development, and those from the Embedded Systems programme. Embedded Systems

The Business Information Management (BIM) programme is also popular among students, but ASTRON is specifically looking for technical staff for the services of their science data centre, including data management and user interaction. 

In conclusion, our participation in this business contact day was positive; we received several responses from those present. It was also a good opportunity for companies to raise awareness about their activities among students. Students were also very interested in ICD as a cluster, and Tjimka Bakker, communication advisor at ICD, explained which companies might best suit their education. Students were also keen to know what positions are currently available at the other ICD companies.

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