Collaboration and knowledge sharing on the 3D PrintKompas Learning Day

News | November 27, 2023

At the recent 3D PrintKompas Learning Day, the partners of 3D PK and MKB Voucher came together to present their work and ideas. This meeting was all about collaboration, strengthening each other and sharing knowledge. But that was not all – the new partners of 3D PrintKompas 2030 were also present and were able to benefit from the knowledge acquired in recent years. These valuable insights will play a role in their future plans as these partners are determined to launch a new project together.

The presentations during the Learning Day not only provided information about the partners' individual performances, but also stimulated lively interaction and discussion. The participants remained 'sticky' long after the presentations, which testifies to the involvement and enthusiasm of all those present.

It seems that a wonderful chapter is being closed, but in reality this is only a stepping stone to the promising plans that are in the pipeline for 3D PrintKompas 2030. The energy and motivation that was palpable during the meeting demonstrate a promising future in 2024. With full confidence and determination, the partners are committed to making their projects a reality.

The 3D PrintKompas Learning Day was a showcase of collaboration, knowledge sharing and future ambitions. It is inspiring to see how these partners in the world of 3D printing continue to innovate and jointly strive for success in the years ahead. We are eagerly looking forward to the exciting developments that 2024 will undoubtedly bring for 3D PrintKompas 2030. Together they are stronger than ever before!

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