Variass data innovators do super innovation

News | 6 May 2020

Moved about three years ago Variass in Veendam have moved their Innovation Center to the adjacent building to get even more focus on innovation. Four data innovators have contributed to the development of an enviable innovation: an IT architecture for the entire organization.

Data analysis used to be manual work. It took hours to complete an analysis. Now all data is unlocked in real time and data analysis on the shop floor immediately provides improvement potential. For example, based on data from the hand soldering process, Variass developed a cobot that can solder components with an accuracy of 0.1 millimeter. According to director and owner of Variss Henk Smid, he and his customers have the same common interest: making a product successful. “Cash used to be king, now data is king. And the right data to optimize process, product and customer value.”

Super innovation

It turns out to be a super innovation that was preceded by years of vision development, research and partial testing. Variass believes that this architecture is the first step towards a digital backbone. In addition, the high-tech innovator shares his insights with other ICD companies, including Philips, ZiuZ and BD Kiestra. "In this way we can learn from each other and accelerate innovations," says Henk Smid.

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