Dewulf unveils latest self-propelled potato harvester

News | November 23, 2020

High-tech company Dewulf unveiled the latest self-propelled potato harvester on Friday 20 November. This happened during an online event.

2020 11 20 Unveiling Enduro Dewulf

For two years, a special team of the specialist in agricultural machinery worked on the Enduro. The result is a four-row, self-raising potato harvester. The machine is packed with the latest technology. Such as, for example, innovative service and patented techniques to remove potatoes from the land as cleanly as possible.

Lord and master

Using a video and an explanation, CEO Hendrik Decramer, grandson of founder Robert Dewulf, presented the new machine to the market. "We would never have been able to build such a machine without customer feedback," said the CEO. Dewulf is known for its self-propelled harvesting technology. Thirty years ago this started with the R3000. In the meantime, the machines have become bigger and better and the so-called four-rowers are also called 'the lord and master' of the field.

Latest technology

The Enduro combines ease of use for the driver with the latest solutions to increase potato quality, improve the machine's ground pressure on the field and increase the potato flow.

A video of the unveiling of this machine is online, for anyone who missed it.