EDU robots ready for primary schools

News | 10 Aug 2017

Neopost Technologies in Drachten has made a fully automatic packing machine available to pack the robots. Pupils of primary school 'het Mozaeik' from Drachten are helping out. Primary schools in the municipalities of Smallingerland, Opsterland and Oost- en Weststellingwerf can expect the robot from Thursday 7 September.


A program has been organized especially for invited guests in collaboration with pupils from the primary school in Drachten. They ensure that peers throughout the province get a robot at their school. In addition to students, the following administrators are present: Deputy Sander de Rouwe (Province of Fryslân), Alderman Roel Haverkort (Smallingerland), of the umbrella organization for primary education in Fryslân Erik Rietkerk (CBO Fryslân) and Albert Helder (BDOF) and Kor Visscher, chairman Innovatiecluster Drachten .

The project

415 primary schools in Fryslân will receive a robot that children can assemble themselves and which can be controlled and programmed by means of an Arduino 'heart' processor. Each school receives a teaching package. A support program for the lessons is currently being worked on with vocational education in Fryslân. In addition, a working group has been set up to give the EDU robot a permanent place in the 'Computational Thinking' learning track. In two shifts in 2017, the robots will be distributed among all Frisian primary schools until all schools have their own EDU robot. At the beginning of 2018, a large festive event will be organized to bring all schools together with their EDU robot. Here the children can show what they have taught their own robot. Read more on EDU Robots.