Fieldlab CAMPIONE: Innovative Collaboration for Smart Maintenance and AI

News | June 6, 2023

On 30 May, an inspirational information session and guided tour were held at the World Class Maintenance fieldlab CAMPIONE in Gilze en Rijen. A number of delegates from ICD companies visited the fieldlab, a remarkable building on Ericssonstraat, which now serves as a place where companies and educational institutions collaborate on projects concerning 'smart maintenance'.

The programme included an information session and a tour of NXTGEN HIGHTECH fieldlab RAMSES. This project is aimed at improving the reliability of high-tech equipment by planning upgrades, performing better maintenance and exchanging user experiences between operations, design engineers and manufacturers 

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Carmen Bratosin of TNO ESI gave an interactive presentation on the Dutch AI Coalition's chain project ADAM (Artificial Intelligence and Diagnostics for Maintenance), which is now in its proof of concept phase with participating companies ASML, Neways and VDL ETG. She discussed how to collect the right data from different suppliers to establish the right diagnosis and how this affects operations and the business model. An interesting issue in which artificial intelligence has a major role to play. 

Paul van Kempen, Operational Director of World Class Maintenance, explained why maintenance is of great value and how this is being researched in several accessible fieldlabs. He also stressed the value of knowledge exchange between different sectors.

The presentations were followed by a tour of the field lab, where copper pots in particular attracted attention. These are part of a digitised brewing process, whereby each student can brew their own beer. This gave participants new ideas for digitalisation in different sectors.

Throughout the visit, participants were inspired to think of new possibilities. In addition, discussions on implementation and collaboration took place and use cases were discussed. It was exactly what you would expect from this kind of event.  

More information on the NXTGEN HIGHTECH fieldlab RAMSES project can be found here.