Founder and owner Rene Bolhuis stops at Horus

News | 26 Aug 2020

Rene Bolhuis, originally an engineer, builds up his company in 15 years. With appealing customers. For example, the House of Representatives uses camera security from Bedum and the Dutch police drive around with the company's camera technology. By using a pick-up with night vision system specially developed by Horus, park rangers from the Kruger Park in South Africa prevent poachers. Skating stamp Thialf uses the 360-degree video software developed by Horus to visualize skaters. And the latest invention enables seriously ill children from their hospital beds to follow lessons live at school and to communicate with classmates and the teacher.

Founder René Bolhuis (right) stop at Horus
Founder René Bolhuis (right) stop at Horus

Why compete when you can collaborate? Bolhuis is building his company with that motive. With trial and error, because in 2012 his company makes a new start after a bankruptcy. According to him, the positioning and strategy had to be different, less production and more development. That turned out to be a good idea. Not the camera make and improve and thereby compete with Sony and Canon, but precisely the technology from the camera. “We build the bricks so that equipment can easily work together with other systems,” says Bolhuis in a statement interview from Founder Talks in September 2018. 

scale up

Now that the company has – according to its own words – developed and matured in this way in recent years, it is time to scale up. In order to professionalize the organization at a faster pace, the company structure, including the management team, is being changed. This is apparent from a press statement last week, announcing the resignation of founder and CEO Rene Bolhuis. "We would like to thank him for the enormous efforts of the past years and wish him all the best for the near future," he said  the press statement

From its new premises in Groningen, Horus will continue to deploy its expertise for national and international clients, including countless Fortune 500 companies around the world.