From the lecture halls to innovation in practice

News | January 26, 2024

We (ICD) recently had the honor of hosting 65 enthusiastic physics students from the University of Groningen, in collaboration with the study association Professor Francken. These visiting academics, who deepen their studies in material science, had a unique opportunity to see theory and practice come together in a special way.

Redmer Van Tijum Philips In Action About Metals At Philips
Redmer from Tijum Philips in action about 'Metals at Philips'

The day was filled with lectures by various ICD companies, each with their unique applications of metals, polymers and coatings. Philips demonstrated the integration of these materials into advanced shavers, while Photonis focused on their application in night vision goggles. NTS Norma provided insight into wafer steppers and SRON explained the application in satellite instruments. This series of presentations brought the dry material of the lecture book to life, allowing students to better understand and appreciate the theory.

What made this day extra special was that many speakers had completed this course of study themselves. This not only resulted in knowledge transfer, but also in career orientation. The passion and experience of the speakers, who shared their own career paths, provided an inspiring connection between study and work.

But, as the saying goes, seeing is believing. This became reality when the students were divided into six groups for an extensive tour of the Philips factory. Here they saw with their own eyes how the learned materials are used in mass production processes. From the production of parts for the popular OneBlade shavers, to the fascinating work in the lab with 3D printers from the ICD, the students were shown a wide range of innovative production processes.

This day would not have been possible without the efforts and expertise of all the speakers involved: Sytze, Redmer, Gaby, Jeljer, Teun and Petra, and of course the organizational heroes behind the scenes, Karin, Sara and Martijn. Their contributions made this experience unforgettable for the future physicists.

The visit to the ICD was another good example of how theory and practice can reinforce each other. It not only gave the students a glimpse into future career options, but also showed them the impact of their studies in the real world. An inspiring day that will undoubtedly contribute to the formation of the next generation of physics innovators.