Successful Students NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences Celebrate Graduation Ceremony at ICD

News | July 19, 2023

A special day at Innovatiecluster Drachten (ICD) when the first batch of students of the dual 2-year HBO program Associate degree (Ad) Industrial Automation and Robotics of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences received their well-deserved diploma on 14 July. The festive moment took place in the SKILL building in Drachten, where the students also followed their fascinating lessons.

These successful students have done a great job by combining their education with a job in the corporate world. As a result, they have gained valuable practical experience at renowned companies, which have rewarded their efforts and dedication to technology and automation. During the graduation ceremony, the names of the following graduate students and the company for which the assignment was carried out were proudly announced:

  • Senna Luca Nieuwland – Photonis
  • Gjalt Dijkstra – Philips Drachten
  • George Pars – The Strike of the Clock
  • Vincent Bakker – Liquidea
  • Jelmer Smoor – Menicon
  • Nick Meijer – Fresenius-Kabi
  • Tobias Hofstede-Manter
  • Jesper Makken – Betech
  • Levi Kroon – JB Control Technology
  • Stefan Absen – Boikon.

ICD played a crucial role in creating this unique degree, which offers students the opportunity to specialize in robotics and automation. The close collaboration between NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences and companies in the Northern Netherlands has led to the development of an innovative and relevant curriculum. As a result, these graduate students are prepared for a promising career in the high-tech industry.

We wish all graduates the best of luck in shaping your exciting future in the world of industry!

Successful Students NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

Robo future: The Evolution of Robots in Industry

The era of traditional robots is over. In the early days of automation, robots were mainly used for programmed actions in a factory environment. Today we see an exciting shift to a new generation of robots: smarter, more autonomous and self-learning. This 'Robo future' is a fascinating area in which robots find their way in a factory environment, while also having to be intensively safe to work together with humans. The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows robots to self-adapt and act autonomously, which greatly expands the possibilities in the industry.

The Influence of Robo future on Industrial Automation and Robotics

With the rapid progress in the Robo future, systems are becoming smarter and more advanced. This opens up a world of possibilities for students following an Ad Industrial Automation and Robotics course. The focus is shifting to machine interaction and self-analysis, where robots gain intelligence to perform tasks more efficiently and accurately. Sensors and navigation are becoming crucial aspects for robots to respond safely to their environment and to protect human employees.

The Future Work Environment: An Interplay of Humans and Robots

In the Robo future we see an exciting collaboration between humans and robots. Robots are taking over repetitive, dangerous and time-consuming tasks, freeing human workers to focus on creative and strategic activities. This synergy leads to increased efficiency and productivity in the industry. The role of industrial automation engineers and robotics experts becomes invaluable in this, as they bridge the gap between man and machine.

Sustainability and the Role of Robots in Production Processes

An important aspect that should not be overlooked in the Robo future is sustainability. In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, it is essential to implement sustainable production processes. Robots play a crucial role in this. As a student of the Ad Industrial Automation and Robotics course, you can contribute to reducing the ecological footprint by designing and implementing more efficient and greener production processes. 

If you have a passion for technology and innovation, and want to shape the future of the industry, the Ad Industrial Automation and Robotics program offers endless opportunities and challenges. Discover the world of robotics and automation and take the next step in the Robo Future with us!

If you want to know more about our courses, visit the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences website Industrial Automation and Robotics (Ad) dual or contact Jolien Drent, study coach Associate degree Industrial Automation & Robotics, or Ruud Pesch, ambassador of NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

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