ICD Mini-Symposium Distributed Connected Systems

News | November 14, 2023

The ICD mini-symposium took place on Wednesday, November 8, 2023, focusing on the ever-growing world of distributed connected systems. The event, held in the 'SKILL' the Shared Knowledge Innovation Learning Lab on the Philips' grounds in Drachten, attracted a diverse group of professionals.

This meeting was particularly notable for its focus on the increasing number of systems worldwide that are connected to OEMs in the northern region, and the integration of new types of sensors into these systems. With an impressive installed base of 250,000 systems, each equipped with an average of 10 sensors, this technology not only generates enormous amounts of data, but also opens doors to new insights, not only for users and suppliers, but also for banks and insurers.

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Speakers and their insights

Willem Siderius van Stertil

As the first speaker, Siderius, from Stertil, shared a fascinating story about the development of sensors and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in their heavy-duty elevator system. The company, with operations in Kootstertille and factories in the US and PRC, emphasized the importance of remote monitoring of these systems. Interesting was the use of a private Wi-Fi network for security and functionality, with data stored on SD cards for reliability.

Heinrich Woertche from Hanze/TUe

As the second speaker, Woertche explained how low-power sensors offer revolutionary possibilities. His discussion of the challenges of correlating electrical signals with desired information was particularly insightful.

Robert Kool of Siemens DDX

Kool, from Siemens DDX, opened a discussion about the use of data in connection with insurers and the offering of new services. His emphasis on data ownership – that the owner of the machine is also the owner of the data – was a major talking point, especially in the context of machine suppliers with different positions on the subject.

Reflections and impact

Reinoud Homsma, who was present on behalf of Philips Personal Health, found the symposium enriching. The insights and approaches from different companies offered new ideas for application within his own organization. The interactions during the breaks with the speakers and visitors were especially valuable for exploring specific topics in depth.

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The ICD mini-symposium was a platform to highlight the latest developments in the field of distributed connected systems. The presentations and discussions reflected the dynamic nature of this technology and how it is transforming the way companies, from large multinationals to smaller startups, think about data, connectivity and the future of automated systems. For professionals like Reinoud, the event offered an opportunity to learn, network and gain inspiration for further innovation.