“In 10 years, our cars will run on hydrogen”

News | 31 May 2017

Driving in a car just has to be clean. And according to Rob Castien of our partner Resato International, this can be done within ten years. According to him, it is a bit of the well-known chicken-and-egg story. “There are still too few filling stations to refuel cars with hydrogen. That is why everyone is waiting for each other.” According to Castien, an investment in such a car and filling station is very large. "According to his estimate, entrepreneurs spend ten to fifteen years to earn their first euro."

Resato International has therefore developed a filling station that is cheaper than a large filling station. “We fill the hydrogen tank with five kilos under the high pressure of seven hundred bar. You can drive about five hundred kilometers with it.”

Must be clean
Oil and gas are running out, but according to Castien it is much more important that we, especially our children, no longer accept that our planet is being polluted. “It just has to be clean and the technology is there.” Castien does not expect everyone in the Netherlands to run on hydrogen in the future. “Everyone wants to drive clean. That is why I think that electric cars will continue to suffice for shorter distances, for example in the city centre. Hydrogen is much more suitable for longer distances.”