Innovation meets practice at ICD

News | March 25, 2024

The future of technology and innovation is now. ICD proved this once again with a fascinating High Tech Safari, where 240 Applied Physics students from the University of Groningen took a look behind the scenes of the high-tech industry.

The mission of this event is to inspire students and professionals with the latest developments in technical physics and engineering.

What is a High Tech Safari?

The High Tech Safari is an educational tour that takes participants to several leading high-tech companies. Here they experience first-hand how theoretical concepts come to life in real-world applications.

The Safari at ICD

On March 22, a successful High Tech Safari was organized by ICD, where 240 students from the University of Groningen could enjoy a day full of technological discoveries. Spread over four routes, they visited ten companies that excel in innovation.

Each company revealed their unique contribution to the world of technology. Under which Variass, WhisperPower, Demcon, and ZiuZ.

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The power of robotics

During the safari, the impact of #Robotics was strongly evident, including in... Variass students learned about the integration of Cobots in system assembly, which is essential for efficiency and precision in production. These interactive sessions provided students with valuable insight into the future of automation.

Discovering sustainable solutions

WhisperPower and Demcon demonstrated their commitment to sustainability and the development of green technologies, an indispensable aspect of modern engineering.

An ode to Innovation

The High Tech Safari also highlighted the innovative solutions of Photonis, Philips, and BD. Each visit provided a unique perspective on the practical application of theoretical concepts.

Recognition of teamwork

A crucial factor in the success of this day was the efforts of Matthijs de Jong from the RUG and all ICD members involved. Their effort and organization made the tours informative and inspiring.

A connection between knowledge and practice

The High Tech Safari showed that real progress happens when education and industry meet. ICD continues to encourage this connection and thanks all participating companies for their indispensable role in this undertaking.

Why a High Tech Safari?

The benefits of a High Tech Safari are versatile:

– Knowledge enrichment: Students get the opportunity to broaden their horizons.

– Networking: The opportunity to network with professionals and companies.

– Inspiration: A look at the possibilities within the high-tech industry.

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