Innovation and efficiency in 'Configure to Order'. A look at ICD's knowledge network with Hytrans and Elfsquad

News | January 23, 2024

On January 18, ICD members gathered for a fascinating knowledge session on 'Configure to Order' (CTO) at the SKILL campus in Drachten, the heart of technological innovation in the north. With Hytrans and Elfsquad at the helm, we explored the latest trends and innovations in this dynamic sector.

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Hytrans, as a new member of ICD and a leading company in the technical sector, kicked off the afternoon. Their presentation provided insight into the current state of affairs and future wishes in the field of CTO in their organization. This was a valuable opportunity for participants to gain direct insights from a company at the heart of this technology.

Elf Fire

Then Elfsquad, known for its groundbreaking software solutions, took the stage. The session, led by the CEO of Elfsquad, was a true eye-opener. The presentation showed how their CTO tool supports companies in simplifying complex product configurations, reducing time-to-market and increasing accuracy in product configurations. The practical example of auto-configuration on websites was cited, which is an excellent illustration of how Elfsquad provides similar services for companies, including many at ICD.

The event underlined the dynamism and progressiveness of ICD members, where collaboration and knowledge sharing were central to promoting innovation and efficiency. For the participants, this was a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of the latest developments in CTO and to gain inspiration for their own organizations.

The afternoon concluded with an informal networking session, where participants discussed ideas and explored collaboration opportunities for the future in a relaxed atmosphere.