Innovatiecluster Drachten expands with Comecer

News | December 7, 2018

For Binne Visser, chairman of our collaborating high-tech companies, the entry of Comecer Netherlands a logical step towards further internationalization of the high-tech industry in the Northern Netherlands. "With branches of national and international high-tech companies in our region, we remain attractive for technical talents and we also show that we have an industry in the Northern Netherlands to be proud of."

During a festive gathering on Friday December 7 at the Comecer factory in Joure, managing director Domenico Sainato signed the cooperation agreement. He does this in the presence of mayor Fred Veenstra of the Fryske Marren and alderman for economic affairs Robert Bakker of the municipality of Smallingerland. Sainato considers collaboration within Innovatiecluster Drachten an important step for the further development of Comecer Netherlands. “We now have access to knowledge and a network with which we can further develop our own products. But not only that. Because we add something to the business cluster, our knowledge is available for other branches of industry. This is how we move forward together.”

Comecer Netherlands

Comecer Netherlands is part of the Comecer Group and was founded in 1960 as Veenstra Instruments. The company started its activities with fine mechanical products. In the early 1970s, Veenstra Instruments entered the radiopharmaceutical market with lead shielding. In the 1980s, the focus shifted to radiopharmaceuticals with the development of radiation protection products and measuring equipment, which was further expanded to include software products in the 1990s.

Nuclear medicine

“We design and manufacture high-tech products, medical devices and software for radiopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals”, explains Sainato, “with the aim of continuously increasing the accuracy and safety of technicians, researchers and patients with the most important core value” Safety First'. Our Joure factory is an international partner for many nuclear medicine departments, radiopharmaceutical manufacturers and industrial OEM customers.”

In 2012, Veenstra Instruments was acquired by the Comecer Group with its head office in Castel Bolognese, Italy. Comecer develops and produces high-tech systems in the fields of pharmacy, radiopharmaceuticals and ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products) and regenerative medicine. 'Safety First' is their most important core value.