Innovatiecluster Drachten tackles labor market mismatch

News | January 13, 2019

According to the ING Economics Department, the number of people in work is back at the 2008 level, but could be higher, especially among lower and intermediate educated people. This mismatch in the labor market is being tackled by, among others, Innovatiecluster Drachten. "It binds technical talent for the high-tech industry to the region by developing its own training courses and by collaborating intensively with (international) educational institutions," according to the publication of the bank. 

Tight labor market

Although unemployment in Fryslân has fallen, the bank predicts that job growth will gradually decline in 2019. This does not apply to the Frisian healthcare sector, where the demand for employees will continue to rise. Although the tension on the labor market is smaller than in most other provinces, there will also be a shortage in Fryslân in 2019, according to ING. “It mainly occurs in technology, IT, care and logistics.” In 2018, the number of unfilled vacancies was 30 percent higher than one year previously. The bank expects the Frisian unemployment rate to fall slightly further this year, to 12,000 people (3.8%).

The South Frisian economy, where agrifood, manufacturing industry and construction occupy a prominent position, is growing faster than the northern part. Job growth in Leeuwarden is mainly due to digitization at financial institutions and the public sector.

Read the full report from ING Economics here.