Innovation through collaboration is the key to success in EMC technology

News | March 5, 2024

In the world of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), collaboration is not just a buzzword, but the essence of progress. This was proven again during a recent measurement session at Astron's Wireless Data Lab (WDL), where companies and technicians with specialized knowledge in high-frequency electronics joined forces. Participants such as VARIASS, Ventura, Spark Holland, ZIUZ, and the strikingly named Pink Fluffy Unicorns from Zwolle, which was hired by ZIUZ for design, came together with Astron. The motto 'together we are stronger' was clearly expressed.

On January 25, these companies, including ZIUZ and Ventura, unveiled their innovative designs to a group of peers at Astron's Wireless Data Lab. This initiative, while not without some reservations, shows the willingness of companies to learn and grow by sharing their ideas with others in the field, even if this means giving a glimpse into their development kitchen.

It certainly took courage for Ventura; they presented an innovative doorknob design with extensive functionalities that had not previously been tested for unwanted radio emissions. Despite the uncertainty of unexpected findings, this moment of sharing and receiving feedback was an opportunity for valuable insights. Fortunately, early results showed that Ventura's design met expectations, even though these tests were not intended as official approval.

The ZIUZ engineer, assisted by the creative input of Pink Fluffy Unicorns, went home with a wealth of additional measurement data, which showed that their design also worked at lower frequencies.

However, the real value of this meeting was not in the tests themselves, but in the in-depth discussions that followed between all participants, including VARIASS, Ventura, Spark Holland, and Astron. Electronic design, shielding techniques, smart electronic and mechanical solutions, cables, connectors and standards were discussed. These conversations were the real success: the power of collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Emc2 A
Emc2 B
Emc2 D

This experience underlines a crucial lesson for all EMC specialists within the ICD companies: good design is half the battle. With several knowledge sharing sessions to come, it is clear that these companies will continue to grow and innovate together.

At a time when it is becoming increasingly important and challenging to comply with EMC guidelines, this collaboration proves that shared knowledge leads to better results. It is an inspiring example of how the EMC community can work together to address the 'pollution' and sensitivity of radio emitting and receiving electronics. Collaboration, as always, proves to be the key to success in the complex world of EMC and electronics.