Innovative design wins prestigious award at ICD

News | January 10, 2024

In a recent development within the Innovatiecluster Drachten, a team of talented students from the University of Twente has achieved a groundbreaking victory. Their project, called “Space Case”, was unanimously chosen as the winner in a challenging design competition organized by ASTRON and the Innovation Cluster.

The assignment was ambitious: design a new version of the LOFAR HBA international station. The new design had to fit in one container (instead of the current 16), be pre-tested, and be able to be quickly deployed in the field by a small team. All this without compromising the core components such as the antenna, receiver, and ground plane.

The winning design of Wouter Boerwinkel, Koen Geurtsen, Eva van Os, and Mark van Donkersgoed, students from the University of Twente, met all these requirements. Their innovative approach and efficient design convinced the jury, consisting of members from the University of Twente, Principia, and ASTRON.

This project not only reflects the advanced technical skills and creativity of the students, but also demonstrates the power of collaboration between academic institutions and industrial partners. The €3000 prize, provided by Innovatiecluster Drachten and Principia, highlights the appreciation and support for such innovative efforts.

The organization of the competition was expertly carried out by WSG Isaac Newton, the study association for mechanical engineering at the University of Twente. Their commitment and dedication played a crucial role in the success of this competition.

The Innovatiecluster Drachten remains a hotbed for technological advancement and a platform for the next generation of engineers to showcase their skills and creativity. These types of initiatives pave the way for future innovations that can play an important role in scientific and technological development in the Netherlands and beyond.

Astron LOFAR Space Case