It worked! All Frisian primary schools have a robot.

News | October 30, 2017

And we have received such nice and enthusiastic reactions. That's what we do it for! Now that most schools have started building the robots, we are challenging students and their teachers to the special Edu RoboticsChallenge. Make a video of building the EDU robot. Post this video before November 30 on the Edu Robotics Facebook page for a chance to win an extra robot. 

How do we challenge students and teachers?

1. Using a smartphone or video camera, students make short films of the assembling of the EDU robot, or of the tricks they teach the assembled robot. 

2. Students assemble the video shots (with the help of their smart teacher) and put a nice music to it. 

3. Students (or the teacher) post the video on the Facebook page of EDU robotics. This must be done before November 30. 

The video 

The video can be anything, surprise us! Show what the robot has learned and how? What tricks can he do? Or give us an insight into the building adventure. 

Two examples. 

  • A 'paparazzi journalist' comes to ask awkward, annoying and incendiary questions about what you're up to and films everything that goes wrong with building the robot. 
  • Each group of builders tells in a kind of Vlog how they build the robot step-by-step. Afterwards they let the robot do tricks. 


We select the best from all posted videos. We will post it facebook asking all students in Fryslân to vote for the winner. The school or class with the winning video will receive a second robot. To ask? Mail to