Girlsday 2016 program announced

News | April 4, 2016

Girlsday 2016 promises to be a success on Thursday 14 April with 350 registrations in Drachten. The high-tech companies Philips, BD and Whisper Power open their doors from 8.45 am to 12 noon with a varied program for the technology girls.

Girlsday is a national campaign to introduce girls aged 10 to 15 to technology and ICT. The girls can participate in interesting activities that are organized especially for them and are introduced to the STEM activities in daily professional practice. Of course they also get to know the female employees in the companies! In addition to a number of fun activities and workshops, the girls can participate in a Facebook photo competition. 

retain talent

A lot of female STEM talent is lost, often because girls have no idea what a technical profession entails. By participating in Girlsday, the companies of Innovatiecluster Drachten help broaden the view of these girls on technology and influence their career choices. Known makes loved, so girls are more likely to choose science, technology or ICT if they have become acquainted with them.

The high-tech companies of Innovatiecluster Drachten are working on solutions of the future. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly difficult to motivate young people to make technology their profession. In addition, the technique is originally a male stronghold. Our companies notice that working together between male and female employees leads to better results. 


In Fryslân, no fewer than 17 companies and 25 schools are participating, including CSG Liudger and the Drachtster Lyceum. In preparation for Girlday 2016, the girls can go on watch videos of men and women in technical professions. More information about the national Girlsday can be found at