Kwant Controls newest member Innovatiecluster Drachten

News | November 18, 2016

In the presence of mayor Tjeerd van Bekkum of Smallingerland and deputy mayor of Sûdwest Fryslân Maarten Offinga, chairman Kor Visscher and managing director of Kwamt Controls Pierre Verwegen signed the collaboration on Friday 18 November. Verwegen is happy and enthusiastic. “We are now part of the group of high-tech companies in the Northern Netherlands that work together on solutions for the major challenges of the future.”

According to ICD chairman Kor Visscher, Kwant Controls is a nice addition to the business cluster. Visscher: ,,We have common challenges that Kwant Controls also has to deal with. It is great to once again welcome a partner who is wholeheartedly willing to contribute knowledge and experience in order to strengthen our business cluster.” 

Kwant Controls

Kwant Controls is a private maritime supplier of nautical control instruments and control systems. With approximately 60 employees, Kwant Controls develops, sells, assembles and supplies several thousand control levers every year. With equipment on board about 40 percent of all seagoing ships, Kwant considers itself a global market leader in its niche. Verwegen: “As a supplier of telegraph systems, among other things, we have remained faithful to our market, our product range and of course our Frisian roots from our inception in 1937.” More than 90 percent of the sales take place outside the Netherlands and are delivered directly to ship owners, yards and ship owners.

Over the past ten years, Kwant Controls's product range has expanded to include high-performance, intelligent control systems for seagoing vessels. In 2016, the company from Sneek received its prestigious Innovation and Technology Award from Rolls Royce Marine.