Roundtable discussions during Promotion Days Northern Netherlands

News | October 1, 2014

We cordially invite you to a round table discussion with members of the Innovation Cluster about the challenges surrounding the development of new products. The talks will take place on November 4 and 5 from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. Martiniplaza Groningen during the Promotion Days Northern Netherlands.

Developing products is complex. The cluster of 11 innovative High Tech companies, Innovatiecluster Drachten, knows this. They are eager to share their knowledge with others, but also to learn from others. From the Innovatiecluster Drachten they want to give you the unique opportunity to exchange ideas with ICD members in a closed round table discussion. The theme on November 4 is “Is innovation managing chance?” Innovation is managing the chance of chance. Real innovations, can you enforce them? Or can you enforce the conditions in which innovation has a much greater chance? Well-known examples such as 3M yellows and Viagra support the statement that real innovations arise by chance. Or not….

On November 5, the theme is “Open innovation is always half open and half closed”. Open innovation is a frequently used term. True open innovation is often about open source innovation. A good example is the Bluetooth technology developed in Emmen. Much more often there are consortia within which cooperation takes place on the basis of additional competences. So open within the consortium, closed outside. You will discuss this with a select group of interested parties and your moderator is a participant in the Innovation Cluster.

Would you like to participate?  

You can register until October 16. There is limited space for the interviews, registrations will be processed in order of arrival. After registration you will receive a confirmation and further information. Of course you can also visit the innovation cluster at stand number 6195. (or attend the presentation at the Innovation arena)

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