School round Inventor competition 2017 has started

News | December 12, 2016

Technology and art go hand in hand. The previous edition of the Inventor's Competition proved that. In the fifth and anniversary edition of the Inventor's Competition in 2017, it is once again the challenge for technical HBO/WO students. Universities of applied sciences and universities in the north and east of the Netherlands are preparing for this annual event from tomorrow. Then our kick-off tour of the courses starts.

robotic artist

This time the assignment is: design and build a 'Robotic artist' who, controlled by an app, makes a 3D artwork from materials of your choice. The 3D artwork must be tangible and lasting. The prize pool is filled with six thousand rich. In addition, the works of art will be auctioned and the proceeds will be for the students. Naturally, the most beautiful works of art will be given a place of honor in the ICD-Shared Facility Center in Drachten.

public event

On June 14, Schouwburg De Lawei in Drachten will be the center for one day where technical high potentials show their invention to the world. And anyone who would like to attend is most welcome! An expert jury judges the presentations and live demonstrations. Colleges and universities present themselves. 

Knowing more?

Would you like to know more about the assignment, the competition itself and the organization? Or do you want your school to participate? Read all about this anniversary edition of the 2017 Invention Competition.