Second RUG lecture

News | June 2, 2016

In the series of lectures from the University of Groningen, the second lecture was given by Dr A. Vakis last Wednesday. He provided an extensive overview of recent studies carried out by the Advanced Production Engineering department so that an image was created where the strength of this department lies.

The Advanced Production Engineering department is part of the ENTEG institute. ENTEG stands for Engineering & Technology and is a cross-section of the most technically oriented departments of the RuG. In fact, the University of Groningen is partly also a technical university. He also elaborated on the possibilities that will soon arise within Professor Pei's department with the purchase of an SLM 125 3D printer, the smaller sister of the SLM 280 3D printer, which has just arrived at the cluster. In the meantime, the contact has already led to the first exploration of setting up a joint investigation at the University of Groningen in the context of an STW call.

This series will be continued after the summer to give the ICD a better understanding of what the RuG does/can do and vice versa.