Session biobased polymers

News | April 24, 2014

Two experts came to Drachten especially from the south to update the ICD on the latest state of affairs regarding academic progress in research into biobased polymers and the state of affairs in the global industry. dr. Peter Nossin (program manager biobased polymers at the Dutch Polymer Institute) updated us from a scientific perspective and Dr. Steven de Boer (SABIC, Global R&D manager Innovation & Sustainability) gave an overview of the industrial side.

In summary, it can be said that, for various reasons, the breakthrough of biobased polymers is only limited to a few polymers and that the industry does not necessarily have to start working from natural carbons now that gas as feedstock is taking off in chemistry. Philips' research, presented by Mark Olof Dirksen, into the practical applicability of biopolymers in a Senseo® was also illuminating about the possibilities and limitations of biobased polymers in sustainable applications.