Smart Industry Hub North starts with skills lab in Drachten

News | October 5, 2020

Smart Industry Hub North has officially started. No fewer than 250 people followed the special online opening on Friday 25 September. They witnessed the presentation of the Delta Plan Digitization for industrial SMEs.

Digitization offers many opportunities for the industry. That is why it is very important for the Northern Netherlands. With the help of the Smart Industry Hub, companies, schools and governments are accelerating the digitization of the Northern industry. This is done in so-called skills labs. The ICD Shared Facility Center is one of these.

Kick-off Smart Industry Hub North
Kick-off Smart Industry Hub North
For big and small

The Smart Industry Hub (SIH) North is for all northern companies in the manufacturing and process industry. This means that both large and small companies and frontrunners and starters with digitization can come here. The program is set up as a menu from which companies can enter. But of course you can also go through the entire program. Participation is usually free. The program includes the preferences and questions of entrepreneurs. 

Skil bib

An important part are the so-called Skillslabs. These are demo locations where companies can view and try out Smart Industry solutions. Our own Innovatiecluster Drachten, for example, has such a skills lab. In the ICD Shared Facility Center employees are trained in digital competences and students are also trained. The skills labs have been set up as a collaboration between companies and education. They can be found in Drachten, Groningen and Emmen.

For and by companies

Knowledge about digitization and Smart Industry resides mainly with the companies themselves. Examples are IT and software companies, industrial automation companies and machine builders and providers of big data solutions. They can accelerate the digitization of Northern industry. Skillslabs link supply and demand in a smart way.

Go to the website for more info or view the presentation of the opening.