Tax benefit when purchasing Neopost packing machine

News | 27 January 2017

The Dutch government promotes sustainable economic growth and wants to encourage the use of environmentally friendly equipment. The CVP-500 is registered on the Environmental List 2017 on page 18 under the number F1210, so that companies can benefit from tax-attractive schemes when purchasing.

Award winner

The CVP-500, winner of 5 international packaging awards in 2016, is a fully automatic packaging machine, developed for E-commerce companies. The machine measures the dimensions of the order with a 3D scanner and then automatically pulls cardboard from a buffer at the back of the machine. In one smooth movement, the CVP-500 folds the cardboard into a box exactly to size, seals it and adds a label, after which the order is ready for shipment. The machine is completely flexible in the shape and size of each package, but also in the number of products that can be shipped in one box.


The CVP-500 has a strong focus on sustainability. Filling material such as bubble wrap or air bags are made unnecessary by the custom-made box. By keeping packaging as small as possible, significantly less cardboard is needed, which has a positive effect on the number of freight movements in transport.