Teacher internship at Variass

News | 13 Feb 2017

Teacher internships enable MBO teachers to keep up with their knowledge of these developments in an effective and efficient way. The FME (employers' association for the technological industry) has started a project with 100 MBO teachers an internship. The companies have been asked to open their doors to teachers.


Variass has made two internships available for teachers, because we think it is important that the connection between business and education improves further. Managing projects is an important part of the MBO Technician Engineering course. Together with the team managers of the teaching teams and the internship teacher, Variass has put together a program with the formulated learning objective: gaining insight into project-based working.

North Gate

The teachers Mans Harms from Noorderpoort Groningen and Geert Siemens from Noorderpoort Stadskanaal did an internship at Variass for a total of six half-days with great enthusiasm. During the internship they followed the entire customer process from a few projects to the delivery of the end product. Working on a project basis during the internship has provided a good insight into what can be included in the training. Variass issued a certificate of participation to both teachers. The teacher internship is also included in the teacher register.