Technical NHL STENDEN Business Administration students experience innovation up close

News | January 29, 2024

On Thursday, January 25, 45 students from NHL STENDEN University of Applied Sciences with the technical business administration course came together at the Innovatiecluster Drachten (ICD) for a unique experience. They visited four ICD companies: Kwantcontrols, Hytrans, Stork Turbo Bladen and Ventura Systems. This day focused on the theme of improving processes in various industries, in which technical business engineers often excel.

Kwant Controls set the tone with a focus on improving design and manufacturing processes. Here the students gained insight into the precision required when creating nautical control systems and joysticks. The precision mechanical and electronic manufacturing processes, carried out on the assembly tables, were a perfect example of how detail and precision come together in technical innovation.

Hytrans, a new member of ICD, had its 'Safari baptism' with an impressive presentation about their range of powerful mobile pump units for fire brigades worldwide. This was a fascinating introduction to the world of emergency response and the technical challenges that come with it.

In the afternoon the group visited Ventura Systems, where they saw the contrast between the precision mechanical processes at Kwant Controls and the station-by-station flow production of bus doors. Ventura Systems, a company that supplies bus doors worldwide, showed how they apply innovation in their design and manufacturing processes.

STORK Turbo Bladen closed the day with an inspiring session about their reverse engineering service process. The students learned how STORK redesigns broken turbine blades and remakes them within three days and then ships them worldwide from Sneek. This session highlighted the importance of speed and accuracy in the service industry.

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This day not only offered students the opportunity to gain knowledge from these companies, but also gave them the opportunity to make important contacts and orientate themselves on their future careers. With a handy fold-out overview of all 23 ICD companies, including a QR code that provides direct access to all current internship positions, we expect to see many students again when they start their internships.

This day was a perfect example of how the ICD bridges the gap between education and industry, by giving students insight into the practical applications of their studies and inspiring them for their future careers.