The Green Postcar winner Go-kart Race 2016

News | March 16, 2016

In the photo Alderman Nieske Ketelaar (Smallingerland) with the team The Green Postcar.

The winner of the Skelterrace 2016 is the team The Green Postcar of CSG Liudger in Drachten, sponsored and assisted by high tech company Neopost. After an exciting race with even a dropout, these technology students went home with the first prize and a large cup.

The Skelterrace is an initiative of VMBO schools to bring technology to the attention of young people. In addition, the race offers young techies to get in touch with tech companies. Innovatiecluster Drachten is a sponsor of this event and helps the youngsters to tinker with the go-karts to make them as beautiful and fast as possible.

Not only the fastest time counts during the Skelterrace. The 8 teams from four schools follow an entire program to make the go-kart suitable for the race. For example, they have to make and use building plans, devise and implement a design themselves in the right materials and give a presentation about the whole. All parts are judged and together with the outcome of the skill assignments and the race, a team reaches the finish line.