Variass Innovation Center is open

News | April 18, 2017

According to director and owner of Variass Henk Smid is changing the high-tech world in which his company operates faster than ever. “By continuously innovating, we are fully adapting to these changes. As a result, Variass is increasingly transforming itself into a knowledge partner within the manufacturing industry. To increase and accelerate our innovative strength, we have brought together our expertise in the field of Future Involvement in our new Innovation Center.” 


The center has been given a place in the adjacent Liberne Business Center in Veendam. Here, a team of Variass and students from the University of Groningen, NHL, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Friese Poort and Noorderpoort work on initiating, developing and implementing innovative solutions.

Share knowledge

The projects that fall within Region of Smart Factory (for the development of intelligent, connected and customized production processes) and Innovatiecluster Drachten (including collaborative robotics and reliability) are also accommodated. White papers are published annually and seminars/workshops are organized to share the knowledge gained.